Funko Pop Box Dimensions

TL;DR: Funko Pops are popular collectible toys that come in mystery boxes, making it hard to know the variety available. This guide provides dimensions for different box sizes. It also covers topics like unboxing, rarity, pricing, worldwide availability, ownership, and accessory options for Funko Pops.

Funko Pops come in many sizes. Some are smaller while others are taller.

There are also larger figures available such as the “jumbo” figures that are 10 inches and the “mega” option which is 18 inches. 

Funko Pop SizeDimensions (inches)
4-Inch Height3.5 × 4 × 6.25
5-Inch Height4.3 × 4.6 × 7.2
6-Inch Height5.1 × 4.9 × 8.7
Jumbo10 inches
Mega18 inches


The question on many people’s lips is whether or not to open a Funko Pop doll.

While some people enjoy opening them, others prefer to leave them sealed. But what do you do if you want to sell one?

If you don’t want to risk damaging the toy, there are ways around that problem.

For example, you could take it out of the box and place it in a protective sleeve. You could even just wrap it in bubble wrap and store it in the fridge. 

Why Funko Pops So Rare?

“Funko Pops are some of the most sought-after collectibles among pop culture fans. They’re manufactured by Funko, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.”

Each toy features an iconic character from popular movies, TV shows (see also our article on TV dimensions), video games, comics, toys, etc.

These figures are sold individually or in limited editions.

Some of the most coveted variants include “chase,” “limited edition,” “premium,” and “super premium.”

The rarity of a given item depends on how many copies were originally produced.

A standard Funko Pop is considered to be a “common” product, while a “rare” version is one that was made in fewer quantities.

For example, there are approximately 3 million “Pop!” figures in existence, according to a 2017 article from

This indicates that each of those items is a “common” variant. In contrast, there are only about 25,000 “Chase!” versions out there, meaning that those are rarer.

A “chase” is a special variation of a common figure that is made in smaller numbers than the original.

For instance, if you buy a “regular” Pop!, you might receive a few hundred pieces of the same character (see also ‘How Tall Is A Hobbit?‘).

But if you purchase a “chase,” you could receive just six or 12 items.

Funko Pop Box Sizes 

As we’ve seen, Funko Pop dolls are shipped in boxes that are approximately 3.5 × 4 × 6.25 inches, according to Funko. However, some retailers sell larger boxes, such as 5.5 × 7.5 × 8.75 inches.

If you plan to resell your Funkos, it might make sense to buy a bigger box because it will protect your investment better.

If you don’t mind shipping your Funko Pop doll in a smaller box, there are plenty of options out there.

You could use a small box like a shoe box or even a cereal box.


As mentioned, Funko Pop toys are some of the most coveted collectibles out there. They’re small enough to fit into a pocket, and each one is unique — no two are alike.

There are hundreds of different characters, including ones based on popular movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones.

But how much do they actually cost?

The answer depends largely on whether you buy them online or in person.

If you go to a brick-and-mortar toy shop, they’ll usually sell for around $20-$30. On Amazon, however, you can find many of them for under $15.

For example, here’s what a single Spider-Man figure costs on Amazon vs. Target.

If you want to buy Funko Pops from specific online stores you’ll pay more. A single character might cost $10-$25.

But if you want multiple figures, it could end up costing quite a lot more.

Here’s an example of what the same Spider-Man figure costs at both places. At Target, you’d pay about $17; at Amazon, it’s over $40.

How Many Worldwide?

It is believed that there are well over 20,000 different types. In fact, Funko had an IPO in 2018, and the company reported that it sold nearly $266 million worth of products during the fourth quarter of 2020 alone.

The total number of Funko Pops in the world today is unknown, but we know that the company sold 3 billion Pops in 2018 alone.

Funko’s annual revenue increased from $36 million in 2011 to $267 million in 2020.

Is Funko Owned By Disney?

Funko is not owned by Disney but is an independent company that licenses pop culture icons such as Mickey Mouse and Star Wars characters.

The company produces collectible figurines called “Pop!” They are sold in stores like Target, Walmart, and

Some of the most famous ones include the Simpsons, Batman, Spiderman, Harry Potter, and even Mickey Mouse. 

Funko Pop Accessories 

Pop products come in many forms. From action figures to vehicles, toys to clothing, you name it.

Some of the most popular include vinyl toys, plush dolls, keychains, bobbleheads, and even accessories such as glasses and hats.

Most of these items feature some type of pop culture theme.

For example, there are Star Wars Pops!, Harry Potter Pops!, and Batman Pops!. There are also vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and trains.

They also produce black ink pens topped with 1-inch tall Pop! figures.

They come in three designs: a blue unicorn horn, a red dragon head, and a green tree trunk. Each pen costs $9.99 and is sold individually.


Funko Pops are fun, collectible figures produced by Funko Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro.

They come in many different styles and sizes, ranging from small action figures like Star Wars Rebels’ Kanan Jarrus and Boba Fett, to large ones like Ghostbusters Ecto Cooler, to even larger ones like Doctor Who TARDIS.

The best part about Funko Pops is that each one comes with a plastic display base, making it easy to store them away.

And because they’re designed to look like toys, they’re perfect for kids and collectors alike.


Why are some Funko Pops considered rare?

The rarity of Funko Pops depends on factors such as the number of copies produced and the specific variant. The blog post explains how certain variations, like “chase” versions, are made in smaller quantities, making them rarer.

How much do Funko Pops cost?

The cost of Funko Pops can vary depending on where you buy them, whether online or in physical stores. The blog post discusses price ranges and provides examples from Target and Amazon.

How many different types of Funko Pops are there worldwide?

The exact number of Funko Pops worldwide is unknown, but the blog post mentions that there are believed to be over 20,000 different types and provides information on Funko’s sales figures.

Is Funko owned by Disney?

Funko is an independent company and licenses pop culture icons like Mickey Mouse and Star Wars characters, but it is not owned by Disney.

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