How Big Is 8 Inches?

The Imperial system of measurements originated in England during the 16th century.

The Imperial system is divided into units called pence, pounds, ounces, yards, furlongs, miles, chains, leagues, statute miles, etc.

The most important unit is the yard. A yard is exactly 3 feet 9.5 inches. Therefore, one inch is equal to 0.0283 feet. Eight inches are equal to 0.083 feet.

If you’re wondering about the size of something, it’s a good thing to know what exactly you’re trying to measure.

When it comes to describing lengths, there are many ways to do so, including saying “8 inches,” “2 feet,” or even just “a foot.”

Why do we need to know how big 8 inches is (see also ‘How Big Is 7 Inches?‘)?

8 inches is a common size used for many objects. Amazon says there are 12 possible combinations of size and shape, including 2×2, 4×4, and 8×8.

But the most popular combination for products is 8×8.

This is because it provides enough space for product information while still being compact enough to fit into a box.

However, some people struggle to visualize those exact measurements.

8 inches is equal to 20.32 CM or 203.2 MM. To make things easier, we’ve compared the length of eight inches to several common objects.

Note Paper

In the United States, standard notebooks are 8 and a half inches high and 11 inches wide. 

Legal paper is also 8 and a half inches wide, but is 14 inches tall, making it almost twice as big as a regular piece of notebook paper.

Business/Credit Cards 

A standard business card measures about 2 inches high and 3½ inches wide. If you place four of those together, you’ll end up measuring eight inches.

Credit cards, however, are often larger. A credit card is typically 2 inches high and 3¼ inches wide.

Two stacked together, you’d end up with roughly 7⅛ inches — almost eight inches.


A kitchen knife or chef’s knife can be purchased in several different sizes. The most common size is 10 inches long.

This size is good for slicing and cutting food like tomatoes, onions, and potatoes.

If you buy an 8-inch Knife, it can be used for slicing, chopping, and dicing. This size is great for making smaller cuts.

It’s ideal for preparing small pieces of meat, veggies, fruits, etc. It’s also handy when you want to make quick work of something like a tomato.

Ipad Mini

The iPad mini is Apple’s newest tablet offering. This model is slightly larger than the original version, and it features a 7.9-inch Retina display.

It includes a number of improvements over previous versions including a faster processor, better cameras, and improved speakers.

The device weighs just 0.68 pounds and measures 5.3 inches wide by 8 inches long making it a great option for visualizing 8 inches. 


Paperclips are one of those things we use every day without thinking about it.

They come in different sizes and knowing how many of each size there are helps us visualize how big something is.

We usually think in terms of feet and yards, but paper clips are actually measured in inches. 

You could use paper clips to get a sense of how much space something takes up.

For example, if you had a bunch of small paper clips, you could put them together to make a larger paper clip.

Then you could count how many inches that makes.

If you wanted to find out how long 8 inches was, you could start with 4 large paper clips, and then add 3 smaller ones.

This gives you a rough idea of how many paper clips you need to fill up 8 inches, but it isn’t precise.

You can also use paper clips to show how much space something takes.

For example, if I told you that a piece of paper took up 10 inches, you could imagine putting ten pieces of paper together to see how far they go.

And if I showed you a picture of a table (see also our article on ping pong tables), you could place the same number of paper clips next to it to get a better idea of how wide it is.

Business Envelopes 

Standard business envelopes are 4.5 inches high, which makes them easy to use for measuring items like pens, rulers, paper clips, etc.

However, some business envelopes are also 9.75 inches long, making it easier to measure objects such as books, magazines, newspapers, etc.

Soda Cans 

Four soda cans, lined up side by side and viewed from above, are equivalent to eight inches, according to the math.

A soda can measures 2 inches in diameter, so four of those stacked together measure just over 8 inches long. 

How Big Is 8 Inches


Coins are a handy way to accurately measure or compare 8 inches.

A quarter is one of the most common coins used to do this, because it measures just over 1 inch across.

If you want to know how far 8 inches is from something else, you can use a quarter to measure. 

So lining up 8 pennies gives you a rough idea of how long exactly 8 inches looks like.

While this method isn’t as precise as measuring with a quarter, it is still fairly accurate.

Drill Bits 

Longer drill bits are often used in drilling holes for screws, bolts, nails, etc.

They are usually longer than 8 inches and come in different lengths depending on what you want to do with it but they can be a good way of visualizing 8 inches. 


The next time you go shopping, check out how long the bananas are. You might be surprised to find out just how big those fruits really are.

A large banana measures about 8 inches long, while a small one is closer to 4 inches. A great option for visualizing lengths. 

Hand Widths

Most adults’ hands are about 4 inches wide at the area of their palm just below their knuckles, according to research conducted by the University of California San Francisco School of Medicine.

A pair of hands measures approximately 8 inches across.

This is a quick and easy method to estimate or compare 8-inch measurements with relative accuracy.

You can also use your fingers to measure in other ways, too.

For example, most people’s thumb joints, measuring from the tip to the top knuckle, are about one inch long.

Putting your thumb down eight times helps you estimate 8 inches. 

Sports Items 

A standard pool table usually has 4 pockets. If you place 4 balls in a row across the middle of the table, you’ll know exactly where 8 inches is.

Standard baseballs (see also ‘How Wide Is Home Plate?‘) are about 2 inches wide. A soccer ball is about 8 inches wide.

If you’re picturing a soccer ball, it helps you calculate the distance between two points.

Other sports items can also help. Golf tees are typically around two inches high.

Golf Tee

The standard golf tee that is commonly used has a length of approximately 2.125 inches.

So if you can imagine 4 of these golf teas placed on top of each other, they would equal around eight inches long.

However, if you use the 5.4-inch golf tee, you could fit four of those into just one hole.

Mouse pads are designed to help you use a computer mouse more effectively.

There are many types of mouse pads available today. Some are made specifically for gaming purposes, while others are made for general usage.

Mouse Pad

A mouse pad will also protect against scratches and marks from the mouse itself.

This will ensure that your mouse does not slide across the surface of the desk, causing the mouse buttons to become unresponsive.

A mouse pad can also be bought in different sizes including 8 inches and you can buy one that is long enough to accommodate your entire arm or just one that is short enough to fit comfortably under your hand.


So we see for the visual learner there are various ways to visualize 8 inches, such as various objects you’ll find around your home. Happy measuring.

Nick Spieth