How Big Is Japan Compared To The US?

Japan and the US are both very large countries that both have a lot of history and have worked on expanding their economies over time to become as powerful as they are.

Japan can be classified as being one of the high powers in the world, but how big is Japan compared to the US?

The US is an extremely powerful country that is also very large. You will find out how Japan compares to the US in size and in other aspects to see which country is more powerful out of the two.

This article will explain how big Japan is compared to the US so that you can take a closer look at how large and efficient both countries are. You can find out more about Japan and the US below!

How Big Is Japan Compared To The US?


Japan is the 4th largest island country and the 62nd largest country in the world as it has a total of 377,975 Km2.

This includes all of the islands that are part of Japan, bringing it to this total. Compared to the US, Japan may seem small, as the US has a total area of 9,525,067 Km2.

This makes it 25 times larger than the whole of Japan. 

Although Japan may seem small compared to the US, this isn’t the case at all. The US is a huge country and there are lots of other countries that are nowhere near its size.

If you put Japan in the US, it would cover from Maine down to South Carolina, so it is a large country, just not compared to the US.

The reason that the US is such a large country is that it expanded into other lands as it is part of a huge continent.

This allowed the country to continuously grow, making it as large as it is today. For Japan, there was no chance to expand their country as they are an island, meaning that there was nowhere else to go. 


When it comes to comparing the population growth between Japan and the US, as the US is a larger country, they have a larger population, The population of the US is 338, 306, 311 million, which makes it the 3rd highest population in the world.

Japan has a population of 125, 567, 184 million, which makes it the 11th highest population in the world.

The main reason why the US has a larger population than Japan is due to the high number of immigrants that have come into the country more than 100 years ago.

Japan’s population has come from urbanization and a baby boom after the war, which has seen a significant population rise over the years. 

Despite the US having a larger population, Japan has a larger population density.

The population density in Japan is 327.94 per Km2, whereas, in the US, the population density is 34.05 per Km2.

As Japan is a country that is home to a lot of greenery in the countryside, people are overcrowded in cities like Tokyo, which is the largest city in the world. 

How Big Is Japan Compared To The US


Despite Japan being significantly smaller than the US, it is third on the list of the largest economies in the world.

The US is number 1, but it is extremely impressive how close Japan ranks to the US in this list.

China is in the number 2 spot, so it is incredible to see how well Japan is doing compared to both of these gigantic countries. 

The US and China have a huge number of resources to use and massive populations, much more than Japan.

One of the reasons why Japan can compete with such powerful countries is that many large businesses around the world come from Japan as trade is very important to them. 

Japan was also one of the first countries to develop electronics, which is a huge market in the modern world.

They developed a lot of technology before other countries, meaning that they became frontrunners in the industry. 

Although Japan is not as big as the US or China, it is recognized that they are not far behind them when it comes to its large economy.

They can compete with a lower population and fewer resources, making them extremely strong competition. 

Can You Compare The US And Japan?

Despite Japan being smaller in both size and population compared to the US, they are hot on the heels of the US with its large economy.

You can compare both countries, but the size needs to be taken into consideration as the US is a lot larger than Japan, making some comparisons unfair. 

However, Japan has shown how the size of its country doesn’t matter, as it is close behind two huge countries with large economies.

This shows that despite its size, Japan is an extremely powerful country that can compete with countries that are a lot larger in size when it comes to its economy. 

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Final Thoughts

To conclude, Japan is not as large in size, population, or economy as the US, but it has the 3rd largest economy in the world behind China and the US.

It cannot compete with the US in size as the size of Japan would only cover from Maine to South Carolina, but it is still able to compete with its economy despite the disadvantages. 

The population of the US is significantly more than Japan as there has been a lot of immigration to the US.

Despite the smaller population, Japan has a higher population density compared to the US as a lot of Japan is covered in greenery, meaning that people need to crowd into the cities to live. 

Finally, the reason for Japan’s large economy is that they were pioneers of technology before other countries, meaning that they were able to make a lot of money from this industry.

A lot of global businesses first started in Japan, which has helped them significantly boost their economy and to work their way up the rankings, finishing close behind large countries like the US.

Nick Spieth