How Many Pennies are in $100 Dollars? Fun Penny Facts

How Many Pennies are in $100 Dollars?

Do you want to count 10,000 pennies? That’s how many pennies a bank would give you in exchange for a crisp hundred-dollar bill.

Later on, we’ll see that a single penny weighs 2.5 grams. If we were to weigh 10,000 pennies, it would come out to just over 55 pounds! That’s about as much as a full-grown Husky or Dalmation! The average 8-year-old girl weighs in at 55 pounds as well.

Give me the $100 dollar bill instead.

How Many Pennies are in a Million Dollars?

If there are 100 pennies in a dollar, there would be 100,000,000 (hundred million) pennies in a million bucks! Can you guess something that weighs in at 551,155 pounds?

My first thought was the Statue of Liberty. Even Lady Liberty only comes in at 310,000 pounds when you don’t count the base she’s secured to.

A Blue Whale adds up to roughly 230,000 pounds. Add the two together and you’ve come close to imagining what a million dollars worth of pennies would weigh. How long do you think that would take you to cash in at the bank?

How Many Pennies are in a Roll?

Pennies come in rolls of 50 coins from the bank. So .50 cents per roll. If you were to have all that neatly rolled up, you’d have 2 million individual rolls to deal with.

Saving Money Using Your Spare Coins

A lot of people save money by storing their spare coins in some sort of container. They even make handy containers like this one that count your change as you put it in.

Instead of taking your change to the grocery store and paying a hefty fee to the machines that spit out a receipt, invest in a simple coin sorter that allows you to roll your change yourself.

Your bank will then take those rolled coins and deposit them directly into your account, essentially paying off your investment in a sorting machine

How Big is a Penny in CM?

Although the penny, or one cent, is the smallest coin when it comes to value, the dime is smaller in physical size. A Penny weighs just 2.5 grams and 0.75 in, or 19.05 mm in diameter. The overall thickness is 1.52 mm.

The penny is just 1.905 centimeters in diameter and 0.152 centimeters in thickness. Compared to the other coins in the US currency inventory, the penny is the second smallest coin in both thickness and diameter, second only to the dime.

How Big is a Penny in Inches?

Pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters are all smaller than an inch in diameter. Only the half-dollar and dollar coins are larger than an inch.

Pennies come in at just 0.75 inches. The quarter comes the closest to reaching the inch milestone with a diameter of 0.9551 inches.

What is a Penny Made From?

According to Coin News, the U.S. penny (cent) and nickel coins actually cost more to make than their denominational values.

Copper-plated Zinc makes up the composition of the current pennies being produced today. The copper color on a newly minted penny would give you a good idea of what the Statue of Liberty would have looked like when it was first created.

Detailed Coin Specifications

CompositionCopper Plated ZincCupro-NickelCupro-Nickel
Weight2.5 Grams5 Grams2.268 Grams
Diameter0.75 in.
19.05 mm
0.835 in.
21.21 mm
0.705 in.
17.91 mm
Thickness1.52 mm1.95 mm1.35 mm
Half Dollar
Weight5.67 Grams11.34 Grams8.1 Grams
Diameter0.955 in.
24.26 mm
1.205 in.
30.61 mm
1.043 in.
26.49 mm
Thickness1.75 mm2.15 mm2.0 mm

Are Pennies Magnetic?

Considering the materials used to make pennies in the U.S., primarily zinc and some copper, the coin is not magnetic. This also applies to the other coins despite being made of different materials than one-cent pieces.

Other countries also call their coins pennies, and those may be magnetic depending on when they were minted as material usage has changed over the past 20 or so years.


Whether you’re saving money, collecting rare half dollars, or trying to turn some spare change into crisp hundred-dollar bills, I hope you learned something new today about the United State’s red cent… it may not be around much longer.

Nick Spieth

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