Size Of Ukraine Compared To Texas 

Have you found yourself wondering about the size of Ukraine and how big it is? Maybe you aren’t sure how the size of Ukraine compares to Texas?

Or are you curious and want to know more? Whatever your reason might be, we have the answer for you! 

Figuring out how big other countries are, especially when they are on the other side of the world can be tricky.

You can find yourself struggling to put the country in a context you will understand and are left unsure of how big a place is and how many people live there. 

You head online to try and find these answers out but instead are met with contradicting and conflicting information.

And all this does is confuse you even more! You are left feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, unsure who to trust or where to turn. 

Well, no more! Today, we are here with the answers that you need. Just keep reading to find out what the size of Ukraine is compared to Texas and everything else you need to know. 

Where Is Ukraine?

Before we get into today’s article, let’s have a quick recap for those that need it!

The country Ukraine is in east Europe and shares borders with Moldova, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Belarus, Romania, and Russia. 

Previously part of Russia and the earlier USSR, Ukraine became an independent country in 1991, when the borders of the post-Soviet Union countries were drawn.

Although Ukraine is a fairly ‘new’ country, Ukrainians have a rich culture and a strong sense of patriotism and love for their country. 

Agriculture makes up the largest portion of their economy, with Ukraine often referred to as ‘the breadbasket of Europe.’

They are also one of the top corn suppliers to China and are responsible for feeding large parts of Europe and the wider world. 

Now that we have briefly established where Ukraine is (see if you can find it on a map of Europe next time you see one), let’s move on to why you came here today and see how its size is compared to Texas! 

Size Of Ukraine Compared To Texas

Size Of Ukraine Compared To Texas 

Let’s get straight into it! Ukraine is a little smaller than Texas! Ukraine measures 233,031 square miles, and Texas is slightly larger, with a measurement of 268,597 square miles.

As you can see, there isn’t much difference at all when it comes to the size of Ukraine and Texas!

Yes, Ukraine is smaller than Texas, but ever so slightly! It is still a large country and is the second largest in Europe. 

Although Ukraine is slightly smaller than Texas, it is home to more people.

Ukraine’s last population count had them at 44 million, while Texas is home to just over half of that, with a current population of 28.64 million.

Despite being bigger, Texas has a smaller population than Ukraine. It is still the second largest state in terms of size and population in the US though! 

Being the second largest is something both Ukraine and Texas have in common! Despite the slight difference in size, you can consider Ukraine is a similar size to Texas, just with more people living there! 

Now that we have covered the size of Ukraine compared to Texas, let’s move on and look at some other facts about Ukraine that you might find interesting! 

Facts About Ukraine And Its Size 

Let’s see what else we can learn about Ukraine and its size today! Keep reading for some interesting facts that are sure to come in handy at your next trivia night! 

  • Ukraine is double the size of Italy! When you put it into that context, the country seems huge! 
  • Ukraine is two and a half times the size of the United Kingdom! We know that the UK is pretty small, but for something to be almost three times the size, Ukraine must be a big place! 
  • Ukraine ranks 46th in the world for its size! 
  • Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe, behind Russia which has 6.6 million square miles of land! That is quite a difference in size between these neighboring countries. 
  • Ukraine and Russia share a border stretching 1,400 miles, with roughly 1,200 miles shared with land and the rest the sea. 
  • Ukraine’s capital city is Kyiv, its largest city with a population of roughly 3 million people. 
  • Their second largest city, Kharkiv, is home to roughly 1.4 million people
  • Ukraine exports more than $6 billion worth of agricultural products to the European Union a year, most of which is used to feed people across Europe 
  • Their largest imports are oils and fuels, with a lot of the world and Ukraine’s oil coming from Russia. 
  • Ukraine has a mixed economic system with an emerging free market economy. 
  • Thanks to emigration, Ukraine’s population has been declining in recent years, with lower birth rates and high death rates also play a role. 
  • Their population of 44 million features 77.8% native Ukrainians. Russians come second, with a total of 17% making up the population of Ukraine. 
  • Orthodox Christianity is the most popular religion in Ukraine, with Catholicism coming in second. 
  • Ukraine has the third largest Orthodox population in the world! The rest of the population is split between Protestantism, Islam, and Judaism. There haven’t been any official studies done to determine how much of the population is atheist. 

Did you know any of these facts? We bet any one of these will impress your friends or family and is sure to come in handy during a quiz! 

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Final Thoughts 

And there you have it! Ukraine is slightly smaller than Texas in terms of size, with there being just a few thousand square miles difference between the country and the lone star state.

Despite their similarities in size, Ukraine has almost double the population of Texas, despite their declining population rates in the past few years. 

We hope this article has been helpful and allowed you to better understand the size and location of Ukraine! 

Nick Spieth