9 Everyday Things That Are 6 Inches Long

Have you found yourself wondering what objects are six inches long?

Maybe someone has told you an interesting fact about how long an item is and you want to have a good one when you see them next?

Or are you curious and want to know more? Whatever your question might be, we have the answer for you! 

Knowing the size of items and objects isn’t just handy for when you want to wow friends with an interesting fact, but it helps you determine size.

Imagine you need to measure something, but don’t have a tape measure or a ruler.

But you know that there are items in your home that are 6 inches, suddenly it becomes easier to measure things when you are in a pinch! 

So today, let’s find out what things are six inches! We have a complete guide coming up that will show you what common objects are six inches long.

Just keep reading to find out more and get ready to wow your friends with your new facts! 

Things That Are 6 Inches 

Let’s dive straight into today’s article! Below is a list of objects that are six inches long.

We have used the length here, rather than their width, so you can use them to measure things if you need to.

Whether it is the height of a table (see also ‘Ping Pong Table Dimensions‘) or the length of your phone you need to measure, here is a list of items that are six inches long that will help you do that! 

A Ballpoint Pen 

While pens can come in different sizes, you are sure to find a six-inch ballpoint pen lying around your home.

Think of pens like Bics, these are usually widely available in multi-packs and are six inches long! 

We took this measurement with the cap of the pen still on, so if the pen has lost its lid, the chances are it will be shorter than six inches.

Regardless of other pens on the market, a Bic or generic ballpoint pen will be six inches long with its cap on! 


We always want some of this lying around our home! A US dollar bill is just over six inches long (see also ‘How Big Is 4 Inches?‘), with a length of 6.14 inches (and a width of 2.61 inches).

While other currencies have bills of differing sizes, all US bills have had the same dimensions since 1928! 

Should you need to measure something, you can pull out a dollar bill from your wallet and use it to determine the length of an object.

Remember, the bill will need to be laid flat for this. If the bill is crumpled, then it might be a little shorter than six inches until you can smooth it out and lay it flat. 

A Toothbrush 

Yes, toothbrushes can come in all sizes, but the standard length of a toothbrush is six inches!

Now, you can often find a toothbrush longer or shorter than this, with electric toothbrushes tending to be a little larger, but on average, you will find that toothbrushes are around the six-inch mark. 

The exception here is children’s toothbrushes. These tend to be smaller, making it easier for them to hold in their smaller hands.

Toothbrushes for babies are often smaller again, with even smaller heads that will fit into their mouths feeling like it is too much for them. 

Hot Dogs

6 inch hot dog

That’s right, you can use one of your favorite foods to measure something!

The most common size for a hot dog is six inches, and that is most likely a six-inch hot dog you will be served when you order one at a restaurant or from a cart. 

You can also find smaller hot dogs, with a length of 2 inches, and longer ones too!

You can find hot dogs up to a foot long, typically you will find these at sporting events and ballparks, and are usually loaded with delicious toppings! 

Generally, though, if you order a regular hot dog, it will be the six-inch hot dog that you are served. 

A USB Cable 

A micro USB cable tends to be six inches long, making it the perfect length for connecting your phone to your car, or charging your phone while you travel.

It’s also a good length for short-range connections, like plugging your phone into a desktop or laptop. 

These days, you don’t need us to tell you that you can get USB cables in all different lengths, they are available to purchase on virtually every street corner!

But if you need one for a short distance and don’t want to get tangled in a wire, then a six-inch USB cable is the way to go! 

You can usually find out how long your USB cable is by checking the packaging it arrives in, or the order details if you bought it online.

The length of a USB cable is taken when the cable is lying flat, so you might need to untangle yours and straighten out any kinks if you are using it to measure anything! 

An iPhone 

6 inch iphone

On average, an Apple iPhone is six inches long. Of course, newer, larger models are the exception to this, where their screens are 6.1 inches or longer.

But on average, these phones are around six inches long, meaning they can be handy to measure items within a pinch. After all, who doesn’t have their phone on them at all times? 

You can lay your phone flush against the item to determine its length.

Failing that, you can also download a measure app on your phone that transforms it into a measuring tape. The wonders of technology! 

Zip Ties 

Almost every household across the country is likely to have a few zip ties lurking in the back of a drawer.

Although zip ties come in a range of sizes, one of the most popular sizes available is six inches!

Whether you are buying the individual length or a multi-pack, there are sure to be some six-inch zip ties in your home that you can take advantage of in a pinch! 

The length is taken when the zip tie is lying flat and not in use, rather than once it has been tied around something.

Make sure that the zip tie is straight and lying flat if you are using it to measure an object. 

2 Credit Cards 

A single credit card or bank card is typically 3 inches long, so by lying two in a long line, you will have a length of six inches!

This is ideal if you need to measure a flat surface, simply lay the cards down and you can see how long the surface is.

Just be sure that there isn’t a gap between the two cards, otherwise, this will increase their length. 

You will also want to ensure that the cards aren’t overlapping each other slightly, as this will make them shorter than six inches.

Typically, all credit cards and debit cards are made the same size to fit into wallet slots, but there might be a discrepancy or two out there!

Also if your card is bent or chipped, this can impact its length. 

A Chef’s Knife 

While knives come in all shapes and sizes, a common size used by chefs is six inches!

These are among the most useful knives to a chef as they can be maneuvered super easily and are easier to care for and maintain than other sizes of knives out there! 

In any good knife set, you can expect to find a six-inch knife, and you can bet that it is one of the most well-used knives in that kitchen!

When looking at the length of a knife, be sure to check if the length includes the handle or not.

Usually, if a knife is advertised as having a six-inch blade, then the length will only relate to the blade, meaning that the handle is not included, and the overall length will be longer. 

Alternatively, the length of the knife might be related to the whole knife, including the handle, meaning the blade is shorter than six inches.

When it comes to good quality knives and those used by chefs though, you will find that typically the length applies to the blade only. 

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Final Thoughts 

And there you have it, a list of common items you are sure to find around your house that are six inches long!

While a lot of these items can also be found in different sizes, the most common size is six inches, so you are sure to find a six-inch version of it in your home. 

These items can be used to measure other objects in a pinch or to serve as an interesting fact to impress your friends the next time you see them.

After all, who doesn’t like to learn an interesting fact and find a new item they can use as a ruler in a pinch? 

Nick Spieth