How Big Is 7 Inches?

How Big Is 7 Inches?
Nick Spieth

It is common for people to think of measurements in different ways, for example, Americans still use the Imperial system of measurement in which items are measured in feet, inches, pounds, and ounces.

Other countries use the Metric system, this measures in units such as meters and grams along with prefixes to count orders of magnitude. 

Regardless of the system you use to measure objects and items, you still might find it difficult to try and visualize 7 inches in your head.

Using a ruler is a simple and effective way to accurately measure how long an item is, but sometimes we can make rough estimates for less important circumstances. 

In this article, we will determine some common items that are around 7 inches long (see also ‘How Big Is 2 Inches?‘) to enable you to visualize this length and how to measure something using these visual guides. 

How Long Are 7 Inches?

Another way to help visualize the length of 7 inches (see also our article on visualizing 4 inches) is to convert it to centimeters. In centimeters, 7 inches is equal to 17.78 cm (see also ‘How Big Is 12 Inches?’).

If you think about a standard 30cm classroom ruler it may help you to picture this in your mind. 

What Objects are 7 Inches Long?

Let’s take a look at some of the standard objects that are exactly 7 inches long or equal to this length to help you better visualize this measurement. 

1. Credit Cards

A standard issued credit card is 3.37 inches long and 2.125 inches wide.

Therefore, if you place two credit cards side by side lengthwise, this will measure almost 7 inches long.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to visualize 7 inches or even 14 nearly everyone has a couple of credit cards in their wallets. 

Measuring something that is 14 can be easily done too, ask a friend or family member if they have 2 credit cards with them also.

Any other type of card can be used as long as it is the same size such as a store loyalty card or a library card. 

2. Pencils

When you think of a pencil you might think of teaching a child to write or creating a beautiful piece of artwork.

As they are common, stable objects they can be useful to help with measurements, acting as a base.

A standard pencil is between 7 and 7.5 inches long, this depends on the type of pencil and whether or not it has an eraser on top of it. 

The traditional number two pencil we all automatically think of when we think of pencils measures around 7.5 inches in length.

Golf and library pencils are typically 3.5 inches long (see also ‘How Big Is 5 Inches?‘) so placing two lengthways will also give you 7 inches.

3. iPad Mini

The first iPad Mini was introduced in 2012, there have been a number of different models since then as they continue to be extremely popular.

For those of you that don’t know, the iPad Mini is a smaller version of the computer tablet.

How Big Is 7 Inches?

It is a smaller, more handy size of around 7.69 inches long and 5.3 inches wide. 

The standard iPad screen size is 10.2 inches long, so if you have a Mini lying around it can be a great reference tool for measuring something that is 7 inches long.

Remember it’s not exactly 7 inches, so you’ll have to allow for some leeway.

4. Scissors 

Scissors are a great tool to use as a reference point as the majority of households will have a pair of kitchen scissors at least.

Although scissors can come in many different sizes for different purposes, they are usually measured in inches.

Larger standard kitchen scissors are typically just over 7 inches long. 

So if you happen to be cutting and measuring, using a pair of scissors could be the ideal situation for you!

5. A7 Envelopes

Have you ever sent a greeting card, wedding invitation, or party invitation? If you have, chances are you’ve used a 5 x 7-inch envelope.

This type of envelope is referred to as an A7 and is technically a little larger at 5.25 x 7.25 inches, this is to allow for the card or invitation to fit into the space.

The enclosed envelope size is 5 x 7 inches exactly. 

If you’re struggling to find something to create estimated measurements with, you can try using a card that someone has sent you as the card itself is likely to be more true to size than the envelope. 

6. Butter Knife

Knives such as the butter knife are typically smaller than your standard silverware dinner knives and range between 5 to 7 inches in length.

This accounts for the whole length of the knife, not just the blade. 

Butter knives aren’t as common today with people preferring easy-spread options or choosing a dairy-free lifestyle.

If you do have a butter knife, however, you can use this as a comparison tool to estimate 7 inches in length. 

7. Dinner Spoon

A dinner spoon or the spoon you’d use to eat your cereal in the morning is a useful item to help you visualize how long 7 inches is.

It is important to remember that not all silverware or flatware will be the same size, but there are more standard dimensions when it comes to these objects. 

The standard dinner spoon measure between 7 to 7.5 inches in length.

A smaller teaspoon on the other hand often measures between 5.5 and 6.5 inches in length and is typically used for stirring drinks and scooping out condiments from jars.  

How Big Is 7 Inches

How To Measure Something Without A Ruler

There are a few easy tips and tricks to help you to measure something when you don’t have the proper equipment to hand, so there is no need to panic and assume it cannot be done.  

  1. Compare to a thumb, the top of the thumb knuckle to the tip of the thumb is one inch long
  2. Compare to an everyday object such as a credit card which measures 3.37 inches long

Place the item or body part along the object you wish to measure, making a note of where this ends using a pencil line or a visual guess.

Then line the object you’re using to measure at the pencil line or where it ended.

You can repeat this process as many times as needed to measure something without using a ruler.  

Final Thoughts 

Sometimes visualizing a measurement in your head can be difficult and if you don’t have a tool to help you measure something, it’s even harder!

Luckily, there are a variety of different household objects and common items that can be used to give you a rough idea of how long 7 inches is.

Keep them in mind to help you in the future. 

We hope you found this article interesting and informative, giving you a better understanding of how long 7 inches is and what common items can be used to visualize this measurement in your head.

Frequently Asked Question

What Is As Long As An Inch?

When trying to measure something and you have no ruler or tape measure to hand, you may be looking around you for other objects.

If you don’t have something that seems to be around 7 inches long, you can find something that is a single inch and use this to guide you. 

There are a variety of common household objects that measure one inch in length.

For example, the length of a paperclip or the length of a standard sewing pin.

Another example includes the distance between the top knuckle of the thumb to the tip of the thumb on an adult’s hand.