How Long Is 50 Feet?

When you’re trying to visualize a certain length or distance, it’s not always easy to try and measure the actual distance itself.

This is especially true for long distances, wherein you’d need a measuring wheel or a smaller measuring device and some great math skills. 

Take 50 feet, for example. It would take a long time trying to measure this distance with a measuring wheel, or even by simply multiplying the length of a ruler 50 times.

Sometimes, it’s just easier to have a frame of reference so you have a basic idea of how long 50 feet is. 

For the sake of clarity, 50 feet is the equivalent of 15.24 meters, 0.009 miles, and 600 inches. 

So, how long is 50 feet? Here’s everything you need to know!

How Long Is 50 Feet?

Let’s get into it. 

50 feet is the equivalent of 15.24 meters, 600 inches, 0.009 miles, and 1524 centimeters.

Inevitably, this is quite a long distance to measure with a measuring wheel, let alone a tape measure or ruler. 

If you have the time, the quickest way to measure this distance is undoubtedly with a measuring wheel – you just have to make sure you’re following a straight line for the most accurate reading.

These wheels are measured in meters, so you’ll need to stop at 15.24 meters. 

Alternatively, you can technically use a ruler to measure 50 feet, though this will take a while. A standard ruler is 30 centimeters/12 inches long, which is exactly one foot long.

So, if you measure the length of a ruler 50 times, you’ll have measured 50 feet altogether. 

What Common Things Are 50 Feet Long?

What Common Things Are 50 Feet Long

If you don’t have access to multiple rulers or a measuring wheel, sometimes it’s easier to get a good frame of reference of a distance.

So, if you need to visualize the length of 50 feet, here are the most common things that are 50 feet long. 

Keep in mind that not all of these things on our list are exactly 50 feet long, so you might have to compromise a couple of inches, give or take. 

Hollywood Sign

how big is the hollywood sign

When you think of Los Angeles, you’ll probably instantly think of the iconic Hollywood sign.

This sign is synonymous with Hollywood and the history of moviemaking, and is commonly spotted, photographed, and hiked to by locals and tourists alike. 

Did you know that each letter of the Hollywood sign is roughly 50 feet tall? That’s right – every letter that spells out “Hollywood” is said to be between 45 and 50 feet tall, allowing for a good frame of reference to visualize the distance of 50 feet. 

Tape Measure

The average tape measure will be able to reach 25 feet in length when fully extended. The reason for this is that tape measures can be used by carpenters and builders who need to measure long distances. 

So, you can take two identical tape measures, extend them to 25 feet, and line them up to make a 50-foot-long tape measure.

Alternatively, if you only have one tape measure, you can use it twice and make a mark to indicate the halfway point. 

3 Parking Spots 

Here’s where we start looking at things that are roughly 50 feet long. Parking spots will vary in length, but the average parking spot is approximately 17 feet in length.

This is to hold enough space for cars of varying lengths with enough room for movement. 

So, if you were to visualize 3 parking spots vertically lined next to each other, this will amount to 51 feet, which is near enough the desired length of 50 feet. 

Garden Hose 

Everyone with a backyard has access to a garden hose. A garden hose will range in length of extension from 25 feet to 100 feet.

The most common length is 50 feet, as this is enough to extend to various parts of a garden for watering purposes. 

So, if you know that your garden hose is 50 feet long when fully extended, you can use this as a frame of reference for visualizing this distance. However, it can be hard to visualize the garden hose extended to a straight line. 

10 5-Foot Tall Humans

While the average height of a human is between 1.6-1.7 meters depending on sex and other factors, you can technically try to visualize 10 5-foot tall humans standing on top of each other. 

Of course, it’s not easy to find this many people of the same height who would be willing to lie down head-to-toe in a line, but it’s still a frame of reference for measuring 50 feet!

Semi-Truck Trailer

Semi-trucks are a type of vehicle designed to carry multiple vehicles or a large trailer. The trailer section of these vehicles is typically 48 to 53 feet long, which is another good way to estimate the general length of 50 feet. 

So, the next time you’re on the highway and you see a semi-truck with a long trailer, you can make the assumption that the trailer itself is around 50 feet long. 

3 Large SUVs

If you’re lucky enough to have a large SUV, you can try to visualize the length of your car multiplied by three to get an idea of how long 50 feet is. The average large SUV, like a Ford Expedition for example, is roughly just under 17 feet long. 

So, if you park three large SUVs of the same length in a row, then this will be around the length of 50 feet.

Of course, this is a rough estimate, as you’ll need to park the cars very close to each other. It might not be worth the risk of damaging the cars if you actually do this! 

Extension Cord 

Just like with a garden hose, extension cords come in a variety of lengths. Some are only a meter long, while other more industrial extension cords can extend up to 50 feet and beyond.

These extension cords need to be purchased at an electric store, as they are designed for long-distance projects such as building work. 

Still, if you know that you’ve got a 50-foot extension cord in your shed, this can be a good frame of reference for visualizing this distance. 

One And A Half Telephone Poles 

Telephone poles can be spotted virtually anywhere. These towering structures stand just shy of 50 feet in length, averaging at around 36 feet tall.

While this isn’t exactly a good frame of reference for imagining the length of 50 feet, if you can try to visualize one and a half telephone poles, this is a near-enough representation of the distance of 50 feet. 

London Bus 

If you’ve ever been lucky enough to visit London, you’ll know how iconic the buses are. To Londoners, they’re just a way of commuting and getting around.

To tourists, however, they’re a piece of iconography. It’s no secret that these double-decker buses are pretty long, so if you spot a large London bus, it’ll be around 61 feet long. 

While this is slightly longer than 50 feet, it still gives you a good idea of the length. 

Height Of Two Giraffes 

Giraffes are the tallest mammal on the planet, standing at an average height of 16-19 feet tall depending on sex.

So, while the height of one giraffe isn’t enough to visualize 50 feet, if you imagine the height of two giraffes standing on top of one another, this will give you a good idea of around 40 to 50 feet. 

Height Of One Brachiosaurus 

Speaking of tall animals, one of the tallest animals to ever walk the earth was the Brachiosaurus.

Did you know that the Brachiosaurus was more or less double the height of an average giraffe, standing at 43 feet tall? It’s not quite 50 feet, but still an impressive height nonetheless. 

While you’re not exactly going to see a Brachiosaurus around in the wild, if you see a life-size version of one in a museum, it’ll be standing at almost 50 feet tall!

Long Dog Harness

Dog harnesses are a great way to allow your dog to run and explore without having to come off the lead.

They are especially useful for training dogs with recall and keeping them away from other dogs.

These harnesses can be found in a pet store and come in varying lengths, including ones that go up to 50 feet when fully extended. 

So, if you know that your dog harness can extend to 50 feet (or close enough), this is a good way to visualize this distance. 

5 Alligators 

The average American alligator will reach a length of around 10 feet long, so if you line five alligators in a straight line, this will amount to around 50 feet.

Of course, this isn’t exactly recommended given the nature of alligators, but it’s still an entertaining visual. 


So, there you have it! Hopefully, this guide has given you an idea of how to measure 50 feet, and what objects and things are around 50 feet in length.

Nick Spieth